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What is this handmade lure map all about?

Many lure makers are from all over the world build beautiful fishing lures by hand, putting countless hours of work into them. When years of experience come together, the output can be amazing. Nonetheless, some of those handmade fishing lures never get the exposure they deserve. Many times, because we, as fishermen and women, just do not know they exist. Therefore Red Perch handmade lures is looking constantly to develope an interactive lure worldmap, to promote those, who put passion and experience together, to produce breathtaking fishing lures.

“From your home into the world"

Provide us with your fotos, information etc. of your handmade lures and be featured! Contact us

You want to put your handmade lure on the map?

Red perch handmade lures does not ask you to pay anything. We try to make little lure designers more famous, just because we love everything about fishing. You can send us photos or your lures, wherever you are from. We can take photos and you will get your own page on Red Perch handmade lures. Find some examples right below.